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Episode 4 – Losing a loved one to COVID


Episode 4 – Losing a loved one to Covid

by | Apr 2, 2021 | Fatherless, Featured Post, Grief story, Grief Support, Guests | 0 comments

Losing someone to COVID comes with a whole host of emotions and situations that no one ever would have expected to deal with. 

In this week’s episode, we spoke to the lovely Helen from the online community Lockdown Grief. 

Helen shared her own story with us, from losing her Dad to COVID back at the beginning of the first lockdown last April to navigating this huge loss without the physical support from friends and family. 

She also discussed her feelings on coming out of lockdown and how the support from the online grief community has been a huge silver lining over the past year while she’s been furloughed and grieving. Her own Instagram account Lockdown Grief is providing some much-needed support to other young grievers who have lost someone to COVID or are grieving a loss over the past year and more. 

You can find Helen on Instagram at – @lockdowngrief

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