Season 2

Episode 8


Episode 8 – Grief and Motherhood; with Lucy Colins

by | Apr 30, 2021 | Featured Post, Grief story, Guests, Motherless | 0 comments

Navigating parenthood is one thing, but when you add grief on top of it the pressure can feel overwhelming. 

In this week’s episode, we’re joined by author Katy Colins who’s Dad died suddenly while out on a walk with his five month old grandaughter, Katy’s daughter Everleigh. 

In this episode, Katy talks about balancing motherhood and grief, and how her experiences with grief changed her approach to writing and led to her writing the book ‘How To Say Goodbye’, as well as her most recent novel The Best Is Yet To Come. Katy also speaks about her experience with Bereavement Counselling and tells us more about her dad and the brilliant man he was, and the impact his death has had on her approach to life since. 

You can find Katy on Instagram here and you can purchase her most recent book, The Best Is Yet To Come, here

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