Season 2

Grief and Toxic Masculinity with Guvna B

Episode 14 – Grief and Toxic Masculinity with Guvna B

by | Jun 10, 2021 | Fatherless, Featured Post, Grief story, Grief Support, Guests | 0 comments

To mark the upcoming Father’s Day in the UK, we’ll be focusing each and every episode in June on men’s grief. From grief stories and mental health to fatherhood, we have a number of exciting episodes lined up with some fantastic advocates for men’s grief.

In this episode, Isaac shared his own grief story and spoke about his Ghanaian roots and the expectations on how he should be grieving, specifically around toxic masculinity.

He spoke about how he turned to alcohol in the early stages of grief and kept himself very isolated, before realising the detrimental effect it was having on his mental health and how he turned to his faith and counselling to start healing. 

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