Season 2

Episode 16 –

Jake Quickenden


Jake Quickenden – Grief makes the best people

by | Jun 25, 2021 | Fatherless, Featured Post, Grief story, Grief Support, Guests, Mental Wellbeing | 0 comments

From grief stories and mental health to fatherhood, we’ve released a number of exciting episodes this month with some fantastic advocates for men’s grief as part of our Get Men Talking mini series. 

For the final episode, we’re joined by the brilliant and charismatic Jake Quickenden. 

Jake is a singer and presenter, and his dad and his brother both died within just four years of each other from two different forms of bone cancer. 

Since his dad died in 2008, Jake has undergone periods of time when he’s struggled with his mental health and figuring out his direction in life. In this episode, he takes us on a journey through his own grieving process and how his funny, kind and outgoing nature is a result of what he’s experienced. 

He also recently became a dad himself for the first time, and shared how this has brought on a whole new wave of thoughts and feelings. 

Most importantly – we talked about how some of the best people we know are the ones that are part of the Club.

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