Season 2

How grief changes friendships

Episode 17 – How grief changes friendships

by | Jul 2, 2021 | Grief story, Grief Support | 0 comments

A lot of things change after our parent/s die, including your friendships and how you maintain and approach those relationships going forward. 

Naturally, your personality can change a lot after you’ve suffered a huge loss. You might not have much interest in the things you used to, or the things you used to value in friendships might have changed completely. Sometimes our friends surprise us, and others might let us down. 

In this week’s episode, we share our own experience of changing friendships after grief and navigating these relationships during the most turbulent times of our lives. We also discuss how we approach friendships now compared to before our parent/s died and how comfortable we are in social situations now and how we feel about making new friends. 

One of the main outcomes of this podcast was realising how the people we always feel closest to are always the ones that have also lost someone important to them, and how much we value those friendships.

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