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About The

Dead Parent Club

Over the past two years, the Dead Parent Club has provided support and comfort to thousands of young adults across the world who are grieving the loss of their parent/s. Featuring interviews and conversations with experts and other grievers, the Dead Parent Club podcast aims to normalise the conversation surrounding grief and help others feel less alone. 

Meet The Hosts

Kathryn Hooker

Kathryn Hooker


Kat originally founded the podcast after the death of her Mum in November 2015 left her feeling isolated and unsupported. At just 20 years old, there weren’t many people in her direct friendship circle who had also lost a parent so young.

After finding comfort in talking to Sam, a friend who had experienced a similar loss, they set up the Dead Parent Club podcast; with the aim of talking to as many other young grievers as possible. Two years later, Kat is now co-hosting the podcast with friend and presenter Emma Jones.

Together, they’re looking forward to watching the podcast grow and become an invaluable resource to young grievers. 

Emma Jones

Emma Jones


Emma was 18 when she lost her mum to cancer, and she quickly realised there was no one around her who could relate to how she felt in this grief. 10 years later, when Emma discovered the Dead Parent Club podcast, she knew she had to be a part of this incredible community.

Together with Kat, Emma is excited to be able to offer young, grieving people an ear and a voice in a world where it’s so often overlooked.

This podcast will be your friend, as you embark on your grief journey and find your purpose and direction in life.



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