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In season 2, Kat is officially joined by co-host, friend and presenter Emma Jones. This season is filled with expert insights from psychologist Dr Tom on dealing with feelings of guilt, stories of our own experiences and a special mini series on encouraging men to open up and talk about grief with guests Robbie Savage, Jake Quickenden, Guvna B and Steven Bland.

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Season 2: Grief & Guilt; with Dr Tom

We asked Dr. Tom a lot of our own questions about guilt and grief, specifically in the instances of the different types of guilt you experience, such as not being there when your parent passed, when you’ve had a difficult relationship with them, feelings of relief after they’ve died and all of the complexities that come with this. We also delve into how guilt can have a profound impact on our behaviours as an adult and how this can affect the relationships you have with others and with yourself.

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